Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Laila Ali Opens Title IX Conference

The Title IX at 40 Conference at the University of Michigan began tonight with Laila Ali's keynote address.

Ali, the President of the Women's Sports Foundation, talked about role of sports in her life emphasizing the many positive benefits of participation, such as self-confidence, teamwork, discipline and better health.

Because of these benefits, Ali said "there is no reason for women not to be competing."

While the opportunities for women in sports have been increasing, Ali pointed out that the fight is still not over. For instance, the assumption that Title IX takes away opportunities from men is still quite prevalent, though inaccurate. Referencing NCAA studies, Ali said "when women's opportunities rise, so do men's."

Prior to Ali, Dr. Katherine Babiak and Dr. Carol Boyd, codirectors of the SHARP Center for Women and Girls, welcomed the attendees. Babiak said that the purpose of the conference is not only to reflect upon the lasting impact of Title IX, but also to create a call for action.

The program continues on Thursday and Friday with panels, poster presentations and discussion.

For more information, visit the Title IX at 40 Conference website and follow the Curley Center on Twitter @CurleyCenter #TitleIXConference.

-- Dunja Antunovic

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